Welcome to NERC

Welcome to the Naturopathic Education and Residency Consortium (NERC). NERC’s purpose is to provide accredited community based residency opportunities for Naturopathic Physicians. Residency opportunities for Naturopathic Physicians are currently limited with only a fraction of the graduating N.D.s being placed. Providing additional naturopathic residencies that will help to deliver highly competent Naturopathic Physicians who can practice in a diverse array of situations, and be successful, is the priority of the Naturopathic Research and Education Consortium.

*** New for 2018! Integrative Therapeutics, a long-time supporter of NERC, is expanding their support! Integrative Therapeutics, a strong proponent of expanding Integrative medicine, supports associations and programs that share their goals. One of the key company initiatives is to help build the next generation of Integrative practitioners by supporting more accredited residencies. All of us at NERC value and appreciate our long-standing relationship with Integrative Therapeutics. We are grateful for the enhanced sponsorship as well as the shared vision of the importance of accredited residencies for Integrative physicians. Thank you Integrative Therapeutics!