• Community based Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME)
accredited residencies for naturopathic physicians
• Non-profit 501-c3 organization
• Collaboration/alliance with Bastyr Univiersity, NCNM, and SCNM
• Collaborations and partnerships with local clinicians, hospitals,
healthcare agencies and research institutions
• 3 core missions: education, healthcare, research


A healthcare system where naturopathic physicians are optimally educated
and prepared for clinical practice; patients are able to become healthier by
working with highly skilled clinicians; naturopathic physicians are able to
contribute the full scope of their training to all communities, age groups,
and socioeconomic classes; naturopathic physicians have many
more job opportunities.


• Increase post graduate residency and training opportunities for NDs
• Educate residents in clinical practice settings
• Support and conduct clinical research in private practice settings
• Education of community and allied practitioners in collaborative medicine
• Maximize our contribution to the health care system

Case Statement / Need

• Only 1500 hours of clinical training at ND schools
• Few residency positions currently available
• Limited state licensure may correlate with too few residency positions
• Lack of credentialing for many employment opportunities
• Inconsistent competency and success in private practice
• Limited access to insurance reimbursement, Medicare, Medicaid, faculty
positions, research grants, clinical positions at diverse sites including
community/county/city clinics, Bureau of Indian Affairs, managed care
systems hospitals

Community Based Residencies

• Clinical rotations with specialists
• Supervision and mentoring from sponsoring ND
• Public speaking, clinical research, teaching, writing
• Private patients
• Clinical practice
• Integrative naturopathic medicine
• CNME accredited